Vote Steve Schiffman for Congress 2024 Nevada CD/3

Steve's Leading Policy Concerns for 2024

It is time to bring back common sense and mutual respect back to Congress and Washington, DC. The people of Southern Nevada needs to elect a representative who has respect for diversity of political opinion, for consensus on common sense solutions; where honesty, respect, integrity and ethics are the political norms and not the exceptions to the rule.


Steve advocates continuing indefinite American and NATO's joint military support for Ukraine in its battle against Putin's criminal actions by helping Ukraine recover all of their territory occupied by Russia since 2014. There should be no limit on the type of military aid to be provided to Ukraine.


Steve will push the MAGA isolationists in Congress to approve legislation that guarantees the continued financial support for the security of Israel by furnishing all of Israel's military needs and support in its mission to cleanse the terrorists from Gaza, the West Bank, and Lebanon.


To keep our economy competitive, tax rates must be minimized on individuals and businesses. Most American retirements are vested in corporate securities. Responsible tax reduction generally requires corresponding offsets in spending to prevent further contribution to unsustainable levels of federal debt.


AI capabilities present opportunities for increased productivity, potentially enhancing both election security and election administration. However, these capabilities also carry the increased potential for greater harm, as malicious actors, including foreign nation state actors and cybercriminals, could leverage these same capabilities for nefarious purposes. In this context, Steve supports federal legislation that would require political candidates and groups to use disclaimers in advertisements that use AI technology.


Costs for workplace health plans in 2024 are expected to spike over 6%. To make matters worse, it is expected that medical costs this year in Southern Nevada will increase by about 9%. As part of Steve's moderate, common-sense approach, he will support legislation that measures to strengthen price transparency requirements for hospitals, insurers, and pharmacy benefit managers and to require consistent Medicare payment for physician-administered drugs in hospital outpatient departments or doctors’ offices. In addition Steve supports expanding access to mental health care and substance use disorder services and reducing prescription drug costs.


Despite constant claims by many Congressional Democrats that inflationary pressures are easing and prices are stablizing, for most Southern Nevadans that is not the case. High grocery prices has become the "new norm"; housing costs have been rising faster than overall inflation, a problem — compounded by higher mortgage rates. Steve believes some of these pressures are directly attributable to President Biden's climate policies which is basically a “war on oil and gas".


Steve believe in free, but fair trade. Trade agreements can promote diplomacy, boost demand for US products overseas, and create a level playing field for US businesses by encouraging reform to environmental policy, labor standards, intellectual property, and foreign investment practices abroad.


Steve accepts the fact that human activity is affecting the world's climate and welcomes a healthy debate on this issue, including impacts, strategy, and responsible resource allocation. While environmental protection is one of our greatest responsibilities, the USA, including Southern Nevada, is just 5% of the global population, and thus American legislation has no real impact on other nations. As with fair trade, our own companies deserve a level playing field regarding environmental regulation.


Steve supports school vouchers for attendance in both private and/or charter schools as well asexpanded Federal-State co-funding partnership in such areas as: STEAM ; bi-lingual primary education; vocational and technical education schools; and subsidized home Internet access for families receiving public assistance.


The threat of America reverting back to the dangerous policy of political isolationism must be thwarted. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Make no mistake, freedom and democracy are worth fighting for and a prosperous America requires it. Those who see themselves as MAGA supporters fail to see this danger to America's national security.


The border problem is a national security nightmare for America. The threats to America are at all-time high from jihadist groups. We have a broken border - up about 400 percent from 2020. The asylum laws are being abused. Let's change them. We need to change the current lax parole authority, as well as to implement a Title 42 authority that would stop the inflow. The policy changes have to be real. We have to start deporting people to slow down the inflow. If you see people leaving the country, people are less likely to show up at the border. In other words, if you're here illegally, you're going to be deported.


Steve believes that banning early-to midterm abortion, per se, is outside the proper role of government. However, that must be balanced against the legitimate state interests of protecting womens' health and the potentiality of human life at the point of fetal viability. Fetal viability was defined by the US Supreme Court as the point at which the fetus is able to PLACE REVISION HERE


By 2023, annual deaths from drug overdoses in the U.S, exceeded 110,000. Roughly 70 percent of those deaths are due to fentanyl, the powerful synthetic opioid. Fentanyl is now the leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of 18 and 45. The best approach for fighting this problem is a combination of stricter law enforcement, tougher sentencing laws and tighter border security together, at times, with medical treatment, including both medication and therapy. One possible solution is the use of fentanyl test strips that allow users and others to detect its presence and reduce their risk of overdose.


The United States has the strongest military force in the history of the world. With that power comes leadership and responsibility. We need that tradition to continue and recognize the link between economic health and military capability. Steve believes that military spending, however, should not be shielded from rigorous investigation for efficiency. Lastly, Steve supports policies that recognize that the modern battle grounds are increasingly cyber and that the country must be defended accordingly. It is important to note that even if it were possible to cut off supply from China and Mexico, there would be plenty of domestic production.


An increase in the use/availability of illegal possession of firearms have resulted in a rise of reported homicides and other violent crimes, now surpassing pre-COVID 19 pandemic levels as well as an increase in auto and retail theft. Steve supports aggressive Congressonal steps to lower felony theft thresholds as well as increasing actual enforcement by state and local authorities - especially at the post-arrest stage relating to murderers, thieves and drug dealers.